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Gavroche Media is a Publishing & Communication Agency based in Bangkok (Thailand). We brought together a team of professionals with various skills and working experiences. Our Mission : to provide our customers with Creativity, Efficiency and Consistency. Creating something beautiful is an achievement, selling well is again better.


We provide companies with branding & corporate identity, creative advertising design, PAO, information & communication contents, video, photo, multimedia planning strategy for paper and digital media.


We design, develop and customise websites, support companies to achieve best performance from organic search (SEO), provide newsletter and social media contents, plan social media strategy , community management ,security audit and pentest for website


The company flagship, Gavroche, is the leading French multimedia publication in Thailand & South-East Asia. Our monthly magazine, website and weekly e-newsletter include an average audience size of 45,000.

Visit us : www.gavroche-thailande.com

What our customers say

  • Gerard Haudot & Racha Suralai - Newton Packing
    We value innovation and customer care to accompagny us in our development. Gavroche Media was able to offer us a efficient solution for our online catalogue to present our products to our customers and prospects.

  • Tam Momast – Greta Farm

    I’m very pleased to benefit from a web site, a magazine and a newsletter communication plan with Gavroche Thailande, leader of the French press in South-East Asia to enhance our image and to reach new customers.

About Us

Gavroche Media is a well-established company limited founded in June 1994 in Bangkok. It started its publishing activity with the monthly magazine « Gavroche Thaïlande », the first independent French language media in Southeast Asia. Today, Gavroche Media has become an indispensable media partner and creative communication agency for local and international companies.

Our Team

  • Renaud

  • Oui

  • Gai
    Web Developer

  • Adisak
    Graphic Designer

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